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In the second half, Max interviews Liam Halligan, editor-at-large at and columnist at the Telegraph, about the latest on the unpayable debt crisis in Greece. Liam suggests a Grexit will happen but that Greece won’t be the first European nation to leave the euro. T here is a recurring theme in coverage and conversation about the London-headquartered banking app Revolut: a culture of hard work. “We are about getting s--- done,” its Russian CEO, Nikolay ... Liam Halligan - UK Telegraph Questioning the Dollar Goldbug narrative in the mainstream / establishment UK Telegraph newspaper questioning the Dollar's role as reserve currency , the rise of the Brics at purchasing power parity and non-dollar trade settlement. Cryptocurrency investment calculator T his new set-up, whereby firms lay out their ideas online and let investors of all stripes come to them, has its advantages. Spotted by DBC Reed in The Sun, "which regrettably these days is more on the ball than this blog which is too often down with the Beleavers on the beach worshipping the Brexit Cargo Cult." Back in the early 1990s, low and middle-income workers needed to save five per cent of their wages for three years, on average, to build up a deposit for a first-time property.

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#79 Dominic Frisby: On Daylight Robbery

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Liam Halligan of Business New Europe ( to discuss Martin Wolf’s analytical article in the Financial ... #75 Liam Halligan by thinktrading. 1:36:41 #74 Colin Lloyd by ... Sea-change for bitcoin? by thinktrading. 42:37. State of the Markets Podcast Episode 19, Riding out the coming Storm CNBC Europe Squawkbox - Hugh Hendry vs Liam Halligan - Duration: 8:12. NewzTube 21,242 views. 8:12. ... Bitcoin BTC Event, Financial Crisis & Microsoft updates [April 28, ... Dominic is a comedian, author and singer songwriter – He was way ahead of the curve with Bitcoin writing arguably one of the best books on the subject, 'Bitcoin the future of money'. He has the ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search